Wigs vs. Sew Ins

Sep 24 , 2020

Wigs vs. Sew Ins

As women we all sometimes can’t stand to be bothered with the hassle and stress of dealing with our own hair… but thankfully there’s companies like Kenedi Couture Hair that provides us with bomb hair extensions so we can have variety of looks to go for. The trending styles right now are sew-ins and wig installs which both have pros and cons.

The pros of sew-ins and wigs are that they both give you the opportunity to completely switch your style up from wearing short cuts, bright colors all without having to cause harm to your own natural hair. Both give you a range of versatile patterns to choose from

Wigs are offered in full lace, lace fronts and closure wigs so you have a lot of options to choose from. They are also a range of density that you can get staring from 130% which is on the more natural side all the way to 250% which is a much fuller look. They also come in different textures just like bundles.

Bundles has been a girls best friend for the past few years simple because you can make it look more like your natural hair by leaving parts of your own hair out to blend in, causing a flawless look, they also come in different ranges of lengths and textures, you also now have the option of adding as much hair as you would like for a even fuller density than wigs offer. We also now have things like frontals and closures. So we can protect our natural hair all together by not leaving plant of it out.

I personally prefer wigs over sew-ins because they Cost less to be installed and I can change my look as often as I receive my pay check. Sew-ins however takes more time to be installed but last a bit longer. Choosing between the two all come down to your personal preference . Are you looking for a easy affordable change very often. Or are you looking for a longer lasting style? Decide the style you’re going for grab your Kenedi Couture Hair bundles or wig and slay your look … you’ll be flaunting your hairstyle regardless.

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