Protecting Your Investment

Sep 24 , 2020

Protecting Your Investment

5 Ways To Have Long Lasting Extensions

The thing about hair extensions is that they can be very pricey. People pay a lot of money to have convenience and the one thing they don’t want, is to have them wasted!

Too many people confuse hair extensions with real hair. Yes, you can have human hair extensions but they are two different things. You can’t treat your natural hair the same as you would with extensions. In order to have them last long, you must learn how to take care of them. There are certain things you should do before you install your extensions and during the time you have them in.

Continue reading below to find out five ways to have long lasting hair extensions so you can truly maximize your buck!

Pre Condition

When you purchase hair extensions, it’s very important that you condition them before installing. It’s not something that you absolutely need to do, but it’s strongly advised. Hair extensions may come with debris from the package, or even sometimes have some type of film on them. When you condition the hair, you’re ensuring that it’s fully cleansed before the installation. It’s the same concept when people wash their new clothes after purchasing from the store. If may not effect you but you also don’t know if there’s any germs on them. So when in doubt, condition it out!

How to Condition Extensions
Before you condition, you want to make sure you’re using the best conditioner. If you already have your favorite, than great! If not, Suave has a great conditioner that works wonders on hair extensions. Their Professionals Almond and Shea Butter is one of the best conditioners to use. The almond and shea butter is going to fight to keep the extensions soft and shiny while removing any unwanted particles.

Using only warm water, begin thoroughly rinsing the hair. Once the hair has been completely rinsed, add the condition of choice and begin massaging the product throughout the hair. Be sure to condition the entire extension, including the weft or track area. Follow this process about two times and rinse the hair until the water runs clear.

Seal Wefts

When purchasing hair extensions, the last thing anyone wants to see is their hair begin to shed! In order to have long lasting hair extension, you have to be able to keep the hair on the track. Now of course, all hair is going to shed to a certain extent, but making sure you learn how to control it is key.

Before you begin to install your extensions, making sure you seal the weft is going to be crucial. Sealing the weft ensures that the hair stays in place and reduces shedding. Look for a sealant of your choice or go with Dritz Fray Check Sealant.

How to Seal
For best results, lay your hair extensions on a flat surface. Then just simply begin to rub/pour the product onto the weft. With this product, you can be as generous as you want to. Once the weft has been fully covered, let them air dry for about 40 minutes to an hour. Once they are dry, you can either begin to use them or even follow it up with a second coat. The additional coat just ensures you will have minimal shedding.

Periodically Wash Extensions

One of the best ways to have long lasting extensions is by keeping up with the regular maintenance. Just like you wash your natural hair on a regular basis; following the same routine for your extensions will help keep them alive much longer.

A good routine for extensions would be to wash every two to three weeks. Some people even wash once a month and that’s okay too if that’s what you prefer. It’s best to follow the same routine as your natural hair. If you have a really dry flaky scalp, then you may need to wash weekly, etc. Regardless of what routine you choose, just remember cleansing the hair and scalp will allow you to have long lasting results. You’ll be able to keep your extensions moisturized and soft by removing all the product build up and debris.

Use Lightweight Products

Making sure to use only lightweight hair products plays a huge role in having long lasting extensions. Avoid using heavy products since they will weight the hair down. If you’re hair is weight down, it’s not going to be as soft or even flow as it should.

There are tons of products on the market that are lightweight and have powerful results. Using light products will keep your extensions flawless and fresh looking.

Using products such as oils, serums and sprays will produce great results. Oils and serums are very similar with one major difference; serums are even lighter than oils. Serums are typically more expensive than oils too. Both will provide the exact look you’re going for. Hair sprays are a great option because they are more convenient. You don’t have to use your hands while applying the product unlike oils and serums. You could simply spray the product throughout the hair strands; style as needed and you’re done!

Use Heat Protectant

Just because you’re wearing hair extensions doesn’t mean that hair is exempt from damage. To have long lasting hair extensions, it’s important to protect your bundles the same way you would your natural hair.

When it comes to styling hair extensions, most people turn to curling and flat ironing because they are the easiest tools to use. But what you must remember is that, heat is involved and with heat can also comes heat damage if you’re not careful. So a good way to protect your precious bundles is by using a heat protector before, during and after you’re done using the curling and flat irons.

It’s one of the easiest things to do when it comes to maintaining hair extensions but sadly it’s also commonly overlooked. Damaged hair extensions look just as bad if not worse than natural damaged hair. Also, the greatest thing about heat protectors is that, you don’t have to be picky when looking to purchase one. Most branded heat protectors all do the same thing. So be sure to pick up a can and use a generous portion to ensure your hair extensions last a long time!

Keep Your Extensions Longer

Hopefully by now you have become more educated on what you have to do to ensure your hair extensions last a long time. Too many people pay hundreds of dollars on extensions just to toss them out when they look a little old. But in reality, there are several things you can do to bring those shiny flawless bundles back to life. All it takes is a little tender love and care just as you would with your natural hair, but slightly different. Now, when you spend money on your hair extensions, you’ll know what to do to keep them a little longer.

Leave a comment below and let me know what’s the longest time frame you kept hair extensions for!

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